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Change Default Database in SQL Server Management Studio

Change your login name and database name and Execute following SP:

Exec sp_defaultdb @loginame='imsatasia\Rahul', @defdb='DBName'


  • Go to “Object Explorer > Security > Logins”
  • Right click your Login and click on “Properties”
  • Under General Section, you can change Default Database value in drop down called “Default Database”

Set Default Database Name in SQL Server

How to Edit the Hosts File in Mac ?

Edit HOSTS file

  • Launch Terminal, found in /Applications/Utilities/ or launch through Spotlight
  • Type the following command at the prompt:
    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
  • Enter the administrator password when requested, you will not see it typed on screen as usual with the command line
  • Once the hosts file is loaded within nano, use the arrow keys to navigate to the bottom of the hosts file to make your modifications
  • When finished, hit Control+O to save the file
  • Hit ENTER/RETURN to save changes to /private/etc/hosts
  • then hit Control+X to exit out of nano
  • Quit out of Terminal when finished

DNS Flush

Use following command in terminal:

dscacheutil -flushcache

Download Bootcamp 4 – drivers for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Here is how you can download and install Macbook Pro Drivers on Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows 7:

  • Download Bootcamp 4.0 Drivers, here’s a link on some Apple CDN for the .pkg file containing the drivers: pHsgXkgPYg/BootCampESD.pkg
  • Open this file with 7Zip in Windows:
  • Open “BootCampESD.pkg” in 7Zip then navigate and extract:
    “BootCampESD.pkg\Payload\Payload~\.\Library\Application Support\BootCamp\WindowsSupport.dmg\0.Apple_ISO
  • Rename the file from 0.Apple_ISO to BootCamp4.iso
  • Extract the iso (“BootCamp4.iso”) with 7Zip to a folder.
  • From the Windows start menu, search for “cmd”, and right-click to run as administrator.
    Navigate to the extracted folder, for example:
    cd “WindowsSupport\Drivers\Apple”
  • From the prompt in that folder, run “msiexec /i BootCamp64.msi”

How to Enable Multi-Touch Gestures in iOS 4.3.1

Follow the instructions to enable multi-touch gestures for iPhon 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad:

We will be editing 3 plist files in this tutorial. To edit and find
JK0-018.plist files use following application for Windows machine or Mac:

Cross Fading images using CSS3 Transition

For Live Demo: Click here

HTML Code:

Cross Fading images using CSS3 Transition

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